Jaarbeurs has a number of car parks (P1-P4) with more than 4,300 parking spaces. The car parks are open 24/7. The parking rate is €4 per hour, with a maximum of €16,00 per day for P2 and P4 and a maximum rate of €20,00 for P1 and P3 (close to city centre). 

After 24 hours, the daily rate applies. When entering the car park, you are issued a parking ticket, with which you can pay at one of the payment terminals on site on departure. Did you know that you can also book a parking space in advance? That way, you are always ensured of a space.

(For using the online bookingstool, open it in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.)

You can book a space here

Where to park?
Depending on where you need to be at Jaarbeurs, you have various parking options. Check out the area map. If you are attending a meeting in the Beatrixgebouw or visiting the centre of town, we advise you to park on P1 or P3.

Disabled parking
Of course, there are disabled facilities in and around Jaarbeurs. You can park at all of the Jaarbeurs car parks on presentation of your disabled card (free). Check out the area map to find are what is the best car park for you.

Electric charging stations
Jaarbeurs car parks P1 and P4 have charging stations for electric vehicles.

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