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Jaarbeurs B.V. (the “Jaarbeurs”) is an international exhibition and conference organisation. We organise and accommodate large-scale public and trade fairs, events, business meetings and conferences. We also provide various online media and communication services. 
We process personal data when providing our services. This privacy statement sets out what personal data Jaarbeurs collects and uses and how we handle them. We advise you to read this privacy statement carefully. 
Jaarbeurs is the controller. Our contact details are:            

Jaarbeurs B.V.
PO Box 8500
3503 RM Utrecht

+31(0)30 295 5911

+31(0) 30 295 2999

This privacy statement applies to all personal data processing by or in the name of Jaarbeurs and its European affiliated businesses.  

Handling of your personal data
Jaarbeurs sets great store by your privacy and handles your personal data with as much care and as safely as possible. Jaarbeurs complies with the privacy regulations in that regard.
Jaarbeurs records personal data when providing its services. It does so, for instance, when you participate in an exhibition or conference, when you subscribe to one of our newsletters, have your badge scanned during a visit to a fair, download white papers, state an interest or are otherwise in contact with Jaarbeurs. They may be personal data, but also data that we use to analyse the use made of our websites, such as the number of times our websites are visited and which pages are performing best. 

Content of this privacy statement
This privacy statement sets out what personal data of yours we may process. Those personal data are dependent on the services that you use and the information that you leave behind on our websites. For instance, we process different personal data of visitors of physical or online services than those of our (prospective) exhibitors or (prospective) venue lessee that rents Jaarbeurs space. 
For your convenience we differentiate between the processing of personal data for a number of specific services of Jaarbeurs and the use of our websites and social media channels. In this part, general information is provided on the processing of your personal data that applies to all those services and to the processing of personal data via our websites and via social media channels. A number of links can be found below. By clicking on a link you can read what personal data Jaarbeurs processes for that specific service or process, and for what purpose:

Job applicants 
For job applicants we have a separate vacancy site with a separate private statement. The privacy statement on the website provides information on how Jaarbeurs handles your personal data if you leave behind personal data as a job applicant. 

Legal basis for data processing
Jaarbeurs uses the personal data listed under the buttons for the performance and settlement of an agreement, such as an agreement with you as a visitor or exhibitor at a fair or an event, or an agreement regarding the renting of meeting space or a parking space. Jaarbeurs may also be required by law to process your personal data, for instance by tax legislation. 
Jaarbeurs may also use your personal data on the grounds of legitimate business interests. Those interests include the provision of sound services, the security of buildings and systems, the efficiency of internal operations, the generation of income, the protection of financial interests, and the informing of customers of (new) products and services of Jaarbeurs. 
If Jaarbeurs processes personal data on the basis of your permission, it requests that permission separately. You may withdraw your permission at any time, but the data processed until that time will then have been lawfully processed.  

Transfer outside the EU
Your personal data may be transferred to countries outside the EU in respect of the organisation of international exhibitions and events. It is possible that those countries, such as the USA, do not offer the same level of protection as that which applies within Europe. Jaarbeurs takes appropriate measures in that case.

Personal data may furthermore be processed outside the EU because certain service providers of Jaarbeurs are located outside the EU, such as Microsoft and Mailchimp. Your data may furthermore be stored by third parties outside the EU on the grounds of the use of services of Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. All of those parties are EU-US Privacy Shield registered, ensuring an adequate level of protection for the processing of personal data. However, the EU-US Privacy Shield has been declared invalid by the ruling of the European Court of Justice on July 16th 2020. In order to ensure that the personal data processed outside the EU maintains the same equivalent level of protection, we are investigating which necessary and appropriate measures to take.

Jaarbeurs uses cookies to optimise your experience on our website, to analyse the use of our websites and to make it possible to share social media content and/or for targeted advertising purposes (where applicable). 
What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone via a website of Jaarbeurs and are read when you use our websites. An explanation of the various types of cookies used by Jaarbeurs is provided below.
Functional cookies
Jaarbeurs uses a number of functional cookies. They allow us to store data for you that enhance your experience of our websites. The functional cookies that we place via our various websites have the following purposes, among others:

  • to remember your preferences, such as the language you may have chosen; or 
  • to allow access registration. 

Analytical cookies 
We use analytical cookies to enable us to adjust our websites to the wishes and interests of the visitors. 

Jaarbeurs uses Google Analytics of Google Inc. ("Google"). Via Google Analytics we obtain information on the manner in which our website is used. The information consists of user statistics, such as the number of different visitors, the pages frequently visited and the average duration of a visit. We do so on the basis of the "Privacy-Friendly Way to Use Google Analytics" handbook of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. This means that we have instructed Google to remove the last three digits of your IP address (so that it is difficult to trace the IP address to a specific visitor) and we have disabled Google's standard data sharing settings. 

Jaarbeurs has furthermore entered into a data processing agreement with Google. We do not use other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies. The limited information that is shared with Google when Google Analytics is used is transferred to and stored by Google on servers in the USA. Google is affiliated with the EU-US Privacy Shield, which guarantees an appropriate level of protection regarding the processing of personal data. However, the EU-US Privacy Shield has been declared invalid by the ruling of the European Court of Justice on July 16th 2020. In order to ensure that the personal data processed by Google maintains the same equivalent level of protection, we are investigating which necessary and appropriate measures to take.
Social media cookies
Social media cookies make it possible to easily share a page via social media or to show social content on a subject (such as tweets). The social media for which cookies can be placed include Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook.

Advertising cookies
Jaarbeurs uses cookies to ensure that you are not shown the same advertisement too often (if applicable). Jaarbeurs also uses cookies that allow it to show you banners after you have visited our site. On the Your online choices website you can find more information on this type of banner and how you can grant or withdraw your consent. Those banners also include an information icon that also allows you to withdraw you consent for the use of those banners.

That link takes you to a list of the special cookies and cookie providers that Jaarbeurs can use on its websites.
Removing and refusing cookies
You can remove the cookies on your device and refuse new cookies in your browser settings. The manner in which that is done differs per browser; see this 
link for Google Chrome and this link for Internet Explorer on how to remove the various types of cookies. If youd do not want Google to collect and use Google Analytics data, you can download and install the browser plug-in that can be found at More information is also provided by the Consumentenbond (Dutch Consumers’ Association) under Cookies verwijderen.

More information on cookies
More information on cookies is provided by the Consumentenbondunder 
Wat zijn cookies? 

Jaarbeurs combines the information collected on its websites and by other sources to optimise your (online) experience and its services. Jaarbeurs can send you information, with your consent, that is tailored to your personal preferences. These preferences are derived from the information you leave behind and/or combined with your click behaviour on our websites.  

Retaining periods
Jaarbeurs does not retain your personal data any longer than is necessary for the aforesaid data processing purposes. Your personal data are therefore retained for as long as is necessary to achieve the purposes in question.
We are required to retain certain personal data for a longer period, in order to comply with statutory obligations to retain records, e.g. under tax legislation.  

Jaarbeurs has of course taken security measures to protect your personal data against loss and unauthorised access.  

Your rights, questions and requests
Your rights: you have a number of rights under privacy regulations, which are described below.
Access: you have the right to ask whether Jaarbeurs processes your personal data and, if so, the right to access your personal data. 
Rectification: you have the right to request Jaarbeurs to rectify or supplement your data if they are inaccurate or incomplete.
Erasure: you may file a request to hav your personal data erased ('right to be forgotten'). 
Restriction: you may file a request to restrict the processing of your personal data by Jaarbeurs, for instance if you believe that Jaarbeurs is unlawfully processing your personal data or if the data processed may be inaccurate.
Objection: you may object to the processing of your personal data on the grounds of special personal circumstances. You may also object to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes. 
Data portability: you may request transmission of your personal data if those personal data were provided on the basis of your consent or an agreement with Jaarbeurs.

If you wish to exercise your rights or if you have any questions regarding this privacy statement or the processing of your personal data by Jaarbeurs, please send a message to:
Jaarbeurs B.V.
Legal department
PO Box 8500
3503 RM Utrecht
or an email to:
We may request additional information to verify your identity. In principle, we will inform you no later than one month after receiving your request whether we can comply with that request. In specific cases, such as a complex request, that term may be extended by a period of two months. We will inform you of such an extension no later than one month after receiving your request. Privacy legislation allows us to reject your request in certain circumstances. In that case we will explain the reason for that rejection. If you object to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes, we will always respect that request.
More information on your privacy rights can be found on the website of the 
Dutch Data Protection Authority.   

Complaints about the processing of your personal data
If you have a complaint about the processing of your personal data by Jaarbeurs, we will try to reach a solution in consultation. If that does not have the desired effect, you have the right to file a complaint with the privacy authority, the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens(Dutch Data Protection Authority). You can contact the Data Protection Authorityvia this link. 

Amendment of this privacy statement
Jaarbeurs may amend this privacy statement. New versions are always published on our websites.
Date of most recent amendment: 22 oktober 2020