Privacy statement - Congress and Meeting Centre

Jaarbeurs processes personal data when leasing out of conference and meeting locations and parking spaces.  

Personal data
Jaarbeurs may process the following personal data:

  • name and address details
  • contact details such as telephone number, email address and similar details
  • company data and your position
  • visit data
  • sex
  • date of birth
  • telephone number
  • payment details
  • details of the rent agreement
  • details in the parking form, possible involvement in an incident, stating the claim, and information contained in the appendices to the parking form
  • administrative number
  • data on actual use of parking authority granted
  • content of communications and reports
  • lost property and any personal data that they contain
  • data in the report form in the event of an incident
  • login data
  • location data, latest visit to the exhibition website, type of device and use of Internet browser in chats and online
  • interest in Jaarbeurs services
  • interest in offers (including third-party offers)
  • manner of transport
  • click behaviour
  • transactions and history
  • IP address
  • content of your communications with Jaarbeurs
  • data in evaluations and customer satisfaction surveys
  • signing authority
  • Chamber of Commerce details
  • VAT number
  • cost centre
  • invoice address
  • dietary preferences
  • social media
  • payment details
  • registration number
  • signature
  • time of parking
  • lost property and any personal data that they contain
  • data in your claim form regarding incidents involving theft or damage
  • CCTV images and the time, date and place
  • content of breakdown reports

Purposes of data processing
When providing its services, Jaarbeurs process your personal data for various purposes, such as:

  • the performance of an agreement for renting a conference or meeting space
  • visitor registration 
  • bringing lessees in contact with each other
  • facilitating contact within the community
  • internal control and security
  • the security of buildings, grounds and goods
  • the protection of personal safety
  • granting access to parking facilities
  • granting parking authority 
  • monitoring, collecting and acting on leads
  • organising prospecting projects
  • account management, PR, marketing and direct marketing, including sending information on the products and services of Jaarbeurs and its partners
  • accepting orders
  • agenda and address book management
  • communication, including answering questions and providing information
  • recording and handling reports, breakdowns, complaints, incidents and claims
  • making payments
  • debt collection, including handing over the collection of debts to third parties
  • handling disputes and ordering an audit
  • lead generation
  • cross selling and up selling
  • establishing interest profiles for advertising purposes
  • personalising and improving digital marketing campaigns
  • reading and sending login codes
  • controlling logistic flows, such as the flow of persons, parking and transport
  • planning and sending offers and invoices for stand and event security
  • processing theft and damage claims
  • registering and handling lost property
  • complying with regulations and court orders
  • conducting legal proceedings

Third parties
When providing its services, Jaarbeurs may pass on your personal data to third parties, such as parties involved in the leasing out of the Jaarbeurs locations and parking facilities, including IT suppliers and suppliers of facilities services. Jaarbeurs also uses various advisors who may gain access to your personal data, such as management consultants and lawyers. 
We may pass on your personal data to third parties who may contact you regarding services that supplement these services of Jaarbeurs.
We may also be required by law to pass on your personal data to third parties. An accountant may gain access to personal data when performing an audit. The police and municipality may obtain information from us, for instance regarding fraud, security or an investigation.