Our vision for the future

Our goal is clear: we want to be the most sustainable conference and events venue in Europe. We have a genuine drive to make our organization a forerunner in society and in the events industry.
We believe in a world where we care for and respect each other and our environment. Where the impact on the earth is reduced by reusing raw materials, managing and reducing waste and generating our own green energy. Where we walk, and travel by bike and train. Where we are aware of our differences and embrace them, without leaving anyone behind. We believe in a world that is bigger than our venue. With the 2.3 million guests we welcome each year, we can make a positive impact on our environment, our surroundings and the people we meet.
There is much to be gained in the field of sustainability; that is why we would like to contribute to solutions to achieve that sustainability. This page shows you how we do this in practice.
Our promises for the future

CO2 neutrality

Our goal is a carbon neutral future. In fact, by 2030, we ideally want to be a carbon-positive venue in the heart of the country.

Trade shows and events

We can only build a sustainable future together. For both our clients and our own brands, we want to actively help drive and accelerate sustainability ambitions.

Heart of Health Utrecht

Heart of Health Utrecht as the base for the future. As proud and involved residents of Utrecht, we are happy to actively contribute to this initiative.
Projects we are involved with

Food & Food Waste

With several projects for Food & Food Waste we make sure that we reduce our carbon emission. Our goal is to become CO2 neutral and preferably CO2 positive.


We want to handle our waste in a sustainable way. That is why we use 'smart' waste bins developed by Winnow (Greendish). These waste bins record the swill from the kitchen. We can also see what food...
Ondertekening partnership Greendish

Sustainable web shop items

In our web shop for exhibitors and organizers, the more sustainable options for each choice are clearly indicated. For stand construction, the use of reusable materials instead of processed wood...


For our hospitality business, we make a conscious choices to offer more quality. Our company restaurant is fully vegetarian and the other hospitality locations have a 90% vegetarian range. The product...

Sustainable Development Goals

As with everything we do, we always keep the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in mind. The development of the new venue primarily focuses on the goals of “Sustainable Cities and...
Sustainability news
Al het duurzaamheidsnieuws
Duurzaam tapijt

Jaarbeurs stapt over op circulair Rewind® tapijt

Jaarbeurs stapt over op circulair Rewind® tapijt Utrecht, 21 januari 2022 - De Koninklijke Jaarbeurs en tapijtleverancier JMT Floorcoverings starten deze maand een duurzame samenwerking. JMT...
Ondertekening partnership Greendish

Jaarbeurs gaat voor gezond en duurzaam horeca assortiment samen met Greendish

Utrecht, 1 december 2021 - De Koninklijke Jaarbeurs in Utrecht is een partnership aangegaan met adviesbureau Greendish. Vanaf nu helpt Greendish om het voedselaanbod van de Jaarbeurs te verduurzamen...
Nieuwe Jaarbeurs

De toekomst van het Jaarbeursterrein

In december 2019 hebben we onze plannen voor de nieuwe Jaarbeurs bekend gemaakt. In die plannen lieten we zien dat we meer onderdeel van de stad willen worden en de hallen met de parkeerterreinen...