Ondertekening partnership Greendish

Sustainable web shop items

In our web shop for exhibitors and organizers, the more sustainable options for each choice are clearly indicated. For stand construction, the use of reusable materials instead of processed wood yields huge environmental benefits and reduces waste. For hospitality, they can select more plant-based alternatives. Or they can order furniture made of plastic salvaged from the Utrecht canals.
We will  be adding more sustainable, preferably circular, product in our webshop, so we can reduce our carbon emission. We  can reinforce our promise to be CO2 neutral by 2030. You can think of:

  • Sustainable furniture
  • LED lights
  • Circular carpet
  • Catering assortment (vegetarian choices)

Next to that we will be introducing participation packages. These consists of circular stand walls, LED light and circular carpet and furniture. With the sustainable options we want to inspire our exhibitors inspire to make sustainable choices. Only together we can make a difference.