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Give your online event a professional look in the Jaarbeurs Studio

Organise a succesfull online event at Jaarbeurs

Your brand in the spotlight

With the video wall and adjustable lighting, you can fully adapt the studio to your own branding and create the atmosphere you need for the best impact.

Focus on your message

With the help of our experienced event managers and technicians, you are completely unburdened of hassle, and can focus on your story.

Plug & Play

We want you to have a warm and personal experience, also when organizing online events. The studio has therefore been set up as an innovative Plug & Play space, so that there is nothing else for you to worry about.

Recording studio with live streaming

Our studio is equipped with high-tech equipment and a warm and welcoming interior with different settings in 1 room.

Organise your online event in Jaarbeurs Studio

Online events such as talk shows, webinars or podcasts have proven their added value, as standalone events and, as soon as is allowed, in combination with live events. By organising an online event, you can continue safely, your reach is often even greater, and you have great opportunities to keep the interaction and dynamics high during your event.

Do you want to continue to make an impact during this lockdown and connect with your target group? Our professional Jaarbeurs Studio has everything you need to make your event a success. You tell your story, we take care of the rest!

Bas Sterrenburg

Want to know more? We're happy to help

Bas Sterrenburg - Account manager online and hybrid events

Would you like to know more about Jaarbeurs Studio? I would be happy to tell you more about all the possibilities of our studio!

You tell your story, we take care of the rest

At Jaarbeurs we offer you space to grow. Organise your online event in our studio, and we will think along with you from start to finish. You are completely unburdened from dealing with organisational hassle, and you have all the flexibility to focus on your own story.


‘Actually, I was very relaxed. I could focus on the things that were important to me: showing what beautiful people there are and what their potential is.’  Lise van Zuilekom, Foundation for Refugee Students UAF 

Professional recording studio with live streaming and support

Whether you are organising a webinar, talk show, podcast or online kick-off event; Jaarbeurs's recording studio offers everything you need to make your online event successful.

The studio offers a total solution package for your event. The space is equipped with high-quality audiovisual equipment and lighting, and you will also receive professional support from experienced technicians who will arrange everything for you from a separate control room.

In order to create the right atmosphere for every event, the Jaarbeurs Studio has been furnished with a warm and welcoming interior, and we offer 3 different settings in 1 room: talk show, presentation desk and lounge area.


‘We chose Jaarbeurs Studio for our event, because it is a truly professional setting. No one at our organization had experience in developing a talk show. So we were looking for a space where we could rent both the studio and the technology together. Jaarbeurs Studio is really plug & play.’ Lise van Zuilekom, Foundation for Refugee Students UAF 

Would you like to know more about the facilities of the recording studio and how our event managers can help you organise a successful online event? Send Bas a message, and he will be happy to help you.