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Digital signage advertising at Jaarbeurs

Increased awareness for your brand by using the digital signage displays at Jaarbeurs.

Reach your perfect audience, at the perfect time.

Effective advertising

Reach your ideal target audience

Relevant audiences

A guaranteed high-quality audience.

High contact frequency

Reach your target audience with the power of repetition.

Professional branding

Increase the professional visibility of your brand and/or products.

Unique content

Use visuals to enhance the unique visibility of your brand.

Reach your ideal audience with Digital Out Of Home Advertising in Utrecht

Jaarbeurs is not only a major venue in the Netherlands, but located right in the centre of Utrecht. Through the large events and trade shows that take place in our venue, for various B2B and B2C industries, thousands of people pass through our venue each day. We welcome 2.3 million visitors into our exhibition and conference centres each year.

Through the variety of events and its audiences that we host, our venue is the ideal place to broadcast your message to reach your perfect target audience. You can appeal to a huge audience that includes your chosen target market, by timing your message to showcase during events relevant to your industry. In addition, we offer you an opening to an even wider audience.

Adverteren bij Jaarbeurs

Showcase KLM at Vakantiebeurs

KLM brought their World Deal promotion to the attention of visitors to the Vakantiebeurs (yearly holiday fair) with an inspiring video. With the use of our digital signage opportunities, KLM achieved a guaranteed reach among the desired target audience, with a high interest in holidays. In addition, KLM was able to claim a strong visible position during the event, by standing out with large impactful videos. 


Mick den Dijker

Do you want to advertise on large displays in the heart of Utrecht?

Mick den Dijker – Business Development Manager Media

Do you want to advertise in and around Jaarbeurs in Utrecht? A great decision, as you can reach out to thousands of potential customers a day at our locations. We are here to help you decide on the best digital signage option for your brand or product. Feel free to contact me, to discuss your options.

Our digital signage options at Jaarbeurs

Our venue offers Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) advertising to a targeted audience, on large LED screens. These digital signage screens allow you to fully personalise your ads. By sharing unique content on these high-quality screens, a great reach is guaranteed. 

The advertising options on our LED screens are endless. You can broadcast various forms of content on our displays. With our Royal Gold or Silver screens, we can tailor your ads perfectly to your desired target audience. Profit from:

  • High contact frequency
  • Effective and qualitative communication
  • Professional appeal
Header Digital advertising

Advertising on large LED screens

At Jaarbeurs, we have several large LED screens to run your ads on. Do you want to show a video, an animation or beautiful photographs? Promoting your products or services in this way is guaranteed to reach a large audience. We have screens in all the main traffic areas in our exhibition centre as well as in the Beatrixgebouw.

Digital signage rates at Jaarbeurs

The rates for our digital signage ads vary. It depends on how long you want the advertising to be shown, on which screens and at which locations. Our account managers are happy to prepare a personal quote.

Locations and specifications in our exhibition centre

Entrance East, from boulevard and the NS train station  |  LED screens, double-sided.

This video screen grabs the attention of all visitors entering the building via the east entrance, and also allows you to leave an indelible impression when they leave the building.

 Map and specifications Contact

Beatrix building: our digital signage locations and specifications

Above the Beatrix buildig reception area |  LED screen one-sided.

The Beatrix building reception area is where we welcome visitors to conferences and events. A great video screen with event information, and a must for your ad.

 Map and specifications Contact