About Jaarbeurs

Welcome to Jaarbeurs

Everything you pay attention to grows …
but attention is scarce.

It is often difficult to get genuine, undivided attention from someone else, even for a couple of seconds. To really be in the here and now and not zapping from channel to channel, or swiping to the left.  

We know that events that are organised with passion and spirit attract and hold attention and are therefore more likely to lead to valuable encounters and business.

That is why we pay a great deal of attention to creating the most attractive environments, both live and online. Places, that do not exist elsewhere, where you can experience your passion or profession. Where you totally lose yourself in the moment and where people and brands receive the attention they deserve.

Welcome to Jaarbeurs, where the most valuable encounters take place all year round. Because for more than a century, we have bridged the gap between people, brands and markets.


Op 26 februari 2017 was het exact 100 jaar geleden dat de allereerste Jaarbeurs werd georganiseerd. Opgericht om handel en nijverheid te bevorderen en daarmee voorspoed te stimuleren. Nu meer dan 100 jaar later, vormt dit ideaal nog steeds het fundament van Jaarbeurs.

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