Food & Food Waste

With several projects for Food & Food Waste we make sure that we reduce our carbon emission. Our goal is to become CO2 neutral and preferably CO2 positive.

UFI Sustainable Development Award

We want to reduce our food waste and stimulate employees, organizers and visitors to make more sustainable food choices based on plant-based food. 
Since 2019 we have saved 47,939kg CO2 at Jaarbeurs by making our products more sustainable. This is an average of 15,980kg CO2 a year. The last years were no normal years due to the impact of the COVID pandemic. In the next years we can save much more. 

We already made an impact with these measures. In June 2022 UFI announced that we are the winner of the UFI Sustainable Development Award 2022 for all of our projects that contribute to reducing our carbon emission.  


Food & Food Waste

With several projects for Food & Food Waste we make sure that we reduce our carbon emission.

Vegetarian options 

Meat production is one of the biggest polluters in the world as we take a look on carbon emission. Therefore, we have started to offer mostly vegetarian options at Jaarbeurs.  


The expected CO2 reduction of our restaurants is 22,039kg CO2 in a normal year. The company restaurant offers a completely vegetarian menu and the other restaurants of Jaarbeurs offer 90% vegetarian dishes. By doing this we already saved 286,501kg in 2021. Read more about our Hospitality.


Event organizers can choose of many food options for their event in our foodbook. Depending on the event and the target audience the food offer for visitors is 50 – 90% vegetarian. The foodbook offers 80% vegetarian options. We saved 888kg CO2 in 2021. In a normal year this could be 154,106kg. 


Less food waste

The Local Food Bank en Too Good To Go

The daily fresh food that is left on a trade show or conference is being donated to the Local Food Bank. Next to that, our restaurant Speys uses the Too Good to Go app. Daily fresh meals are sold for a cheaper price to fight food waste. These meals do not end in the waste bin anymore. We already safed 509 meals, but we could save 108,000 meals in a normal year. Read more about The Local Food Bank and Too Good To Go.  


Greendish is our partner in helping to make our catering healthier and more sustainable. We use a smart waste bin, called winnow. With the help of Winnow, we can measure the food that is left and the green garbage that is thrown away. We saved already 100.000kg waste and we could save 221,763kg CO2 in 2023. Read more about Winnow

Composting machine

We can compost the green garbage that is left in our own composting machine, which we have been using since last year. With this machine we can produce till 82,800kg compost. This compost can be used for growing new vegetables. In the future we want to grow our own vegetables with our compost.


Compensating carbon emission

Trees for all

Before we will reach our ambition to become CO2 neutral, we compensate our carbon emission by planting trees in collaboration with Trees for all. Already 800 trees have been planted since September 2021. In a normal year this could be up to 8,400 trees, which is equal to 588,000kg CO2.