Promoting travel by public transport as a logical choice is a large part of the environmental impact of an event. In that respect, choosing the Jaarbeurs as an events venue immediate makes a climate impact: its central location, right next to Utrecht Central Station, makes public transport an easy and logical choice for the majority of visitors.

A logical choice for public transport

Jaarbeurs is located next to Utrecht Central Station, the central public transport hub in the Netherlands. For many visitors who come to an event, meeting or conference in the Jaarbeurs taking the train and/or bus is the most logical means of transport. An extra sustainability bonus is that NS trains run on 100% green electricity.

Cooperation with NS: train + admission

For our own trade shows and events, we have had a successful partnership with the NS for years: visitors can buy a discounted combination ticket for the train and admission to the Vakantiebeurs, KreaDoe, the MOTORbeurs and the Kampeer en Caravan Jaarbeurs.

Smart logistics

We prefer to collaborate with local suppliers, and they combine their deliveries to the Jaarbeurs where possible. One of our logistics partners, CityHub, has a depot on the outskirts of Utrecht and delivers orders in one go to Jaarbeurs, Rabobank and NS. This is efficient, saves food miles and is virtually CO2 neutral, as CityHub uses compact (electric) delivery vehicles.

Facts about sustainable mobility

  • Electric cars are charged using green electricity from our own solar panels. 
  • We have digitized the parking system, eliminating the need for paper parking tickets. A new mobility policy has been introduced for our employees.
  • We started a mobility policy for our employees.