Zero waste

We make it easy for visitors to recycle waste properly, the waste streams must be as pure as possible. Visitors to a concert or event don’t have time to ponder about which bin to use when throwing away their used coffee cup or tea bag. That’s why we make it as easy as possible to separate waste properly, for example through clever use of colours and symbols.

Plastic Promise

We are now a partner of the Plastic Promise, an initiative of Green Events to reduce the use of disposable plastic at events and recycle used plastic. At our conference and meeting centre, we have installed water dispensers, so that disposable bottles for drinking water are no longer needed.


Deposit bottles for charity

At events, we use special collection points for small bottles, where visitors can easily donate deposit bottles to the Princess Máxima Centrum for paediatric oncology. It’s a charity that visitors love to support, and such a collection point immediately helps us collect the bottles separate from other waste.

Petfles donatie

Modular systems instead of machined wood construction

In the web shop, where exhibitors and organizers can order materials, we have a lot of influence on the materials used. Exhibitors are increasingly choosing modular systems rather than machined wood constructions when designing their trade show stands. This already saves almost ten thousand trees per year.

Facts about zero waste at Jaarbeurs

  • We enter into performance agreements with our suppliers about waste separation. For example, our cleaning carts have been adapted for separate collection.
  • During Zero Waste workshops, Jaarbeurs employees explore together how they can help achieve the goal of Zero Waste in their departments. 
  • In our offices and at our events, we are much more active when it comes to separating waste. There are new stations to dispose of and separate paper, plastic and residual waste. The recyclable coffee cups are eventually turned into toilet paper.