CO2 neutrality

Our goal is a carbon neutral future. In fact, by 2030, we ideally want to be a carbon-positive venue in the heart of the country.

We are hard at work already to achieve this goal. Through efficient visitor flows and logistics, by generating energy from our own solar panels, through green catering, smart waste management, maximizing the use of circular building materials for exhibitions: our sustainability ambitions are reflected in everything we do. We want to achieve 50% CO2 neutrality in 2025. Where we fall short on our goal, we’re going to compensate for it. 
Our new building plans are also fully committed to sustainability. With these plans, we will achieve our goal of making the Jaarbeurs the most sustainable events venue in Europe. The United Nations Strategic Development Goals are the starting point. The green roof of the new Jaarbeurs will be a perfect location to organise sustainable events.


Zero waste

Our goal is zero waste We make it easy for visitors to recycle waste properly, the waste streams must be as pure as possible. Visitors to a concert or event don’t have time to ponder about which bin to use when throwing away their used coffee cup or tea bag. That’s why we make it as easy as possible...


For our hospitality business, we make a conscious choices to offer more quality. Our company restaurant is fully vegetarian and the other hospitality locations have a 90% vegetarian range. The product range at our events is between 50-90% vegetarian and we are building on that every day. We cook to...
Duurzaam tapijt

Duurzaam tapijt

In early 2022, we switched to circular carpet flooring for our trade shows. In addition to stand construction and hospitality, trade show flooring is one of the biggest opportunities for us to become climate neutral. In fact, flooring is one of the largest sources of waste: every year, an estimated...