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Trees For All

Trees For All

Trees For All

Because we believe in a world where we treat each other and our environment with care, we have partnered with Trees For All. 

Trees For All is an organization that works worldwide to plant new forests and restore existing ones. In the coming years we will jointly plant a tree for every conference, event, trade fair and meeting at Jaarbeurs. In addition, Jaarbeurs offers its exhibitors and organisers the opportunity to have their own tree planted on behalf of their event.



The donated trees by Jaarbeurs will be or have been planted in the following projects:

Borneo - 2024
In the Indonesian part of the island Boreo large areas of rain forest have disappeared. As a result, the habitat of numerous animals, trees and plants is getting smaller and smaller. With this project, 125,000 trees will be planted divided among seven native tree species. By planting the right species, the forest can recover, ensuring a better climate and healthy living conditions for people and animals. 


Trees For All Leersum - 2023 & 2024
On former grasslands, 24,000 trees have been planted. That is almost 9 football feelds of trees. A variety of native tree and shrub species can be found, such as downy birch, willow and hawthorn. A diverse forest also attracts many species of plants and animals. Another 16,000 trees will be added in the winter of 2023-2024. 

Dune forest in Vietnam
From VNU Asia, our Bangkok location, we are committed to planting dune forests in Vietnam. With the increasing number of floods and typhoons in Central Vietnam, natural vegetation has all but disappeared, making villages in the hinterland more vulnerable. Replacing dune forests creates natural coastal protection and provides local people with a strong and climate-resilient ecosystem.