Prinses Máxima Centrum

Every year, about 600 children in the Netherlands get cancer. One in four children with cancer still dies from this disease. All the highly complex care and research facilities for paediatric oncology are concentrated at the Prinses Máxima Centrum. Their mission is to cure every child with cancer, and provide optimal quality of life. With fewer adverse effects in later life. As Jaarbeurs, we wholehearted support this mission.

We are committed to raising funds for our partner, the Prinses Máxima Centrum for paediatric oncology, in a variety of ways. At trade shows and events, for example, we have special collection points for deposit bottles, the proceeds of which go to the Prinses Máxima Centrum, and we also ask visitors for a financial contribution when they purchase their ticket. In addition, we are happy to make our knowledge and resources available when the Máxima Centrum wants to organize an event.

Our staff regularly organizes fundraisers. Sometimes we do this together with our clients. For instance:


  • SpellenSpektakel

At this event, the organizers of SpellenSpektakel donated 4000 euros worth of games to the Prinses Máxima Centrum. They also provided a stand space to create awareness for this foundation and give visitors the opportunity to make a financial donation.


  • KreaDoe Lentefestival

At the KreaDoe spring event, we held a raffle with great prizes donated by trade show exhibitors. All proceeds from the raffle tickets sold went to the Prinses Máxima Centrum. Together with donations from ticket sales, a total of over 2,500 euros was raised during this event. 


  • Fundraising run Jaarbeurs employees

Every year, employees of Jaarbeurs organize a big fundraising event. In 2021, this event was “MÁXIMAal in Actie”, where employees collectively covered a distance of 2,700 km, by cycling, walking, running and swimming. Thanks to everyone who supported this event, we raised over 24,000 euros.