Privacy statement

Exhibitions and events

Jaarbeurs itself organises exhibitions and events or accommodates exhibitions and events of other organisations. As a visitor or an exhibitor at such exhibitions and events, you provide Jaarbeurs with personal data, for instance when you order tickets for an exhibition, take part in an exhibition, park your car, or request information.


Personal data

Jaarbeurs processes the following personal data in respect of an exhibition or event:

  • name and address details
  • contact details, such as telephone number and email address
  • sex
  • title
  • visual material
  • date of birth
  • date of visit
  • number of visits
  • internal administrative number
  • (access pass with) photograph
  • areas of interest
  • information for lead generation (such as trademark use, purchasing behaviour or intention, and investment needs)
  • the composition of your family
  • opt-in information
  • visit registrations in your name
  • badge and ticket scans:
    • the scanning of your badge or ticket at the entrance to establish the number of visitors and to obtain information on show/no-show
    • the scanning of your badge in lecture theatres, whereby the lecturer is provided with your data
    • the scanning of your badge by an exhibitor: if you actively have your badge scanned, the exhibitor receives your data from Jaarbeurs
  • registrations for sessions
  • information about matchmaking activities (such as connections and appointments)
  • position and company name
  • decision-making powers
  • sector in which you work
  • interest in Jaarbeurs services
  • interest in offers (including third-party offers)
  • manner of transport
  • click behaviour
  • transactions and history
  • IP address
  • details of your communications with Jaarbeurs
  • data from evaluations and customer satisfaction surveys
  • signing authority
  • dietary preferences
  • Chamber of Commerce details
  • VAT number
  • cost centre
  • invoice address
  • social media
  • payment details
  • registration number
  • signature
  • time of parking
  • details of parking form and details of parking authority
  • your involvement in an incident, stating the claim amount and details in appendices to the parking form
  • lost property and any personal data it contains
  • information in your claim form in the event of incidents involving theft or damage
  • CCTV images, stating the time, date and place
  • details of breakdown reports


Purposes of data processing

Jaarbeurs processes these personal data for several purposes, such as:

  • communication purposes
  • the organisation and performance of agreements regarding fairs and events and participation in them
  • registration of your visit
  • (Online) matchmaking
  • handling reservations for parking spaces
  • granting access to parking facilities
  • granting parking authority (issuing parking passes, exit tickets, etc.)
  • reading and sending login codes
  • sale of products
  • provision of services
  • processing and handling of orders (including catering)
  • account management, PR and marketing, including sending mailings and information on products and services of Jaarbeurs
  • lead generation
  • cross selling and up selling
  • finding equivalent profiles/prospecting purposes
  • improving services
  • analyses to improve visitor experience
  • monitoring, collecting and acting on leads
  • establishing interest profiles for advertising purposes
  • personalising digital marketing campaigns
  • organising specific campaigns and competitions
  • performing customer satisfaction and other surveys
  • invoicing and payment purposes
  • handling payment disputes
  • checking logistic flows, such as the flow of persons, parking and transport
  • the security of buildings, grounds and goods
  • the processing of theft or damage reports
  • the registration and processing of lost property
  • personal safety
  • recording and handling breakdowns, complaints and incidents
  • making payments
  • data collection, including assigning debt collection to third parties;
  • settling disputes and ordering an audit;
  • maintaining contact with customers or suppliers
  • direct marketing
  • the ability to offer personalised advertisements via social media
  • complying with statutory obligations and court orders
  • inspection of stand designs
  • provision of information in the case of non-standard stand construction
  • reading and sending login codes
  • planning and sending offers and invoices for stand and event security
  • complying with regulations and court orders
  • conducting legal proceedings


Third parties

Jaarbeurs may pass on your personal data to third parties when providing its services, such as parties involved in the organisation and implementation of exhibitions and events of or in the Jaarbeurs. IT suppliers and suppliers of facilities services. Jaarbeurs also uses various advisors who may gain access to your personal data, such as management consultants and lawyers.

As visitor, Jaarbeurs will inform you, during the online registration for access to one of our fairs or events, about sharing your registration details (like name, company name, position, e-mail address, phone number, etc.) with exhibitors, among others. Such as, registration details that will be passed on to the exhibitor when you use their registration link and when you register for a session and/or webinar. When you physically visit a fair or event and you let your badge scanned by an exhibitor or at a theatre, you give by scanning your badge your consent to share your registration details with the exhibitor or provider of the session/webinar. The sharing of this personal data, when you register through the link of the exhibitor, when you let your badge scanned and when you register for a session/webinar, happens solely with your consent. The exhibitor or organiser of the session/webinar in question is exclusively responsible for the ultimate processing of your personal data. You may contact them for further information on how they handle your personal data.

As a visitor or exhibitor, at certain events, you can get access to an online matchmaking platform. At the platform your profile is visible for other registered visitors, participating exhibitors and providers of the sessions. That way you can easily make connections, network, initiate appointments and register for sessions/webinars, before, during and after the fair or event. You decide whether you take the initiative or accept the invitation of others and with whom you share your contact details. More information about the processing of your personal data in the online matchmaking environment of the fair or event can be found on the website of the fair or event in question.

As an exhibitor, you have access to a specially organised online environment of Jaarbeurs. Jaarbeurs may pass on the information that you provide there to third parties, which may contact you regarding services that may supplement those provided by Jaarbeurs. The reason for passing on this information is to generate additional income and to offer you as comprehensive a range of services as possible, so that you can optimally promote yourself as an exhibitor at Jaarbeurs.

We may also be required by law to pass on your personal data to third parties. The police and municipality, for instance, may request us to provide data, for instance regarding fraud, safety or an investigation.