Jaarbeurs Welcome app

Visiting Jaarbeurs safely with the Welcome app

Safely visiting and organising events in today's socially-distant society? At Jaarbeurs, you can!

We have worked together closely with Samsung to develop an app that helps visitors maintain a safe distance of 1.5 metres from other people when visiting conventions and other events. The Jaarbeurs Welcome app quickly lets visitors know what parts of the venue are most crowded at any moment, so they can decide to visit some other part of the event first. The app does not share any personal data with Jaarbeurs, so users’ privacy is safeguarded at all times. With the Jaarbeurs Welcome app, Jaarbeurs is the first event location in the Netherlands - and one of the first in Europe - that can inform visitors live about the safety of their visit.

Download the app prior to your visit

The app functions in the event halls of Jaarbeurs’ Event & Exhibition Centre. If you are attending an event in one of our event halls, make sure to download the app prior to your visit. The only way to beat the coronavirus is by working together.

The Jaarbeurs Welcome app is available in the Apple Store and on Google Play.

How does the app work?


Over the past few months, we installed hundreds of so-called beacons in the event halls. The Earth's magnetic field utilises the compass in smartphones in combination with Bluetooth. The app then establishes a Bluetooth connection to the beacons, creating an up-to-date overview of which areas of the halls are crowded and which are not. Visitors can then use this information to make on-the-fly decisions about their visit. Additionally, Jaarbeurs can utilise stewards to help distribute people evenly throughout the venue.

Find out where few other people are

In the app, areas where you can maintain a safe distance of 1.5 metres are highlighted in green. Areas where too many people are gathering are shown in orange, so you can decide to avoid the area for now and come back later when there are fewer people.

Welcome app 2

Plan your visit

Once you see that you are in an orange area, it is advisable to move to a green area for the time being and come back later, once the orange area has turned green again. Once an area turns orange, our stewards will be present to help guide visitors to other areas of the venue.

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