Sustainability & Innovation

Growth in a sustainable world

Jaarbeurs believes in a world where we treat each other and our environment with care. Where we minimise the impact we have on our planet by reusing raw materials, managing and reducing waste production and generating our own green energy. Where we walk, ride our bikes and take the train. Where we are aware of our differences and embrace them, without leaving anyone out in the cold. We believe in a world that is bigger than the space we offer. Together with the 2.3 million people we welcome every year, we can have a positive impact on our environment and the people we connect with.

Jaarbeurs cares about our society. We strive to maintain a perfect balance between people, environment and society in everything we do. We feel a strong sense of social responsibility, we are aware of our environment and the impact we have on the future. Below, you can read more about the practical implementation of these beliefs.



The “New Jaarbeurs” master plan

The “New Jaarbeurs” master plan paves the road towards a new future for Jaarbeurs itself, for the city of Utrecht and for all of its citizens. The master plan not only consists of a new design for Jaarbeurs, but also incorporates the development of the surrounding area. The Jaarbeurs district will be transformed into a completely new and attractive area to live and work. The new development is designed to make Jaarbeurs the most sustainable event venue in all of Europe. We create space with minimal environmental impact and maximum human impact.

This master plan is the kick-off of our ambitions. Jaarbeurs intends to actively engage in a dialogue with the city of Utrecht. Click here for more information about the “New Jaarbeurs” master plan.


Princess Máxima Centre

In December of 2020, we renewed our partnership with the Princess Máxima Centre. Over the past few years, we already managed to raise tens of thousands of euros for the Princess Máxima Centre.  With this renewed partnership, we intend to ramp up our fund-raising activities and support the mission of the Princess Máxima Centre; to cure childhood cancer and offer young patients the best possible quality of life. Please visit this website if you wish to make a donation. 


Change Inc

Jaarbeurs is a change maker for Change Inc., the platform for future makers. More information can be found here.

And further ...

With nearly 1,400 solar panels on the roof of the Beatrix building, we can proudly say that we have one of the largest solar panel arrays in the entire province of Utrecht.


Jaarbeurs utilises extensive digitisation and state-of-the-art technologies to continue organising valuable meetings. Even though the business of bringing people, brands and markets together is gradually shifting towards the online space, the need for physical gatherings is as strong as ever. We develop new concepts to combine the strengths of online and live events. Together with our partners, we are constantly developing and introducing new solutions that contribute to an optimal visitor experience and invaluable business opportunities.