By selecting Beatrix Theatre, you have chosen an exclusive conference venue based in Utrecht.

Up to 1,500 guests

At the Beatrix Theatre, you can accommodate up to 1,500 guests.

Expo Room & MeetUp

Simply expand the capacity of your conference using the adjacent Expo Room or the meeting rooms of MeetUp.

Excellent catering

Enjoy the highest level of food service during your conference.

Stylish and impressive conference venue

The style of the Beatrix Theatre in Utrecht is unique and welcoming. The gradually sloping theatre style setup ensures the speaker can take centre stage with the audience having a clear view of the large podium. Despite the size of the room, it can still feel intimate, including when catering for smaller groups. The stylish and ambient Beatrix Theatre is suitable for a conference, gala, award ceremonies and presentations.

Capacity 1.5-metre distance

Our meeting rooms, conference venues and events halls can also be used whilst maintaining a 1.5-metre distance.

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Are you looking for a conference venue in Utrecht? The Beatrix Theatre has versatile rooms for your event.
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