Jaarbeurs Beatrix Theater Queens Club bar Utrecht

Queens Club

Welcome your guests to the Queen’s Club and surprise them with a luxurious catering package.

Up to 100 guests

At the Queens Club, you can accommodate up to 100 guests.

Magnificent bar

Like the theatre, the bar exudes ambience.

Excellent catering

Enjoy the highest level of food service during your conference.

Drinks and networking

The Queen’s Club is an ideal base during your conference at the Beatrix Theatre in Utrecht. The bar is the perfect place to welcome your guests, organise drinks or to provide a speaker with a small podium. The Queen’s Club oozes hospitality and complements the Beatrix Theatre beautifully.

We are happy to assist you

Accountmanager Kelly

Are you looking for a conference venue in Utrecht? The Beatrix Theatre has versatile rooms for your event.

Would you like to know more about our conference rooms? Please contact me and we can discuss the various options. Or why not come along and experience first-hand the range of opportunities offered by our conference venues.

Make your event compleet.

The Queens Club is a bar in the Beatrix Theatre.