Before your guests make their way to the Theatre Room, they will be welcomed in chic surroundings in the impressive Mies Bouwman Foyer.

Up to 800 guests

At the Mies Bouwman Foyer, you can accommodate up to 800 guests.

Nice barzones

Adjacent to the foyer are fully equipped bar zones which exude ambience.

Branding options

Why not use the branding options to give your brand more exposure.

Excellent catering

Enjoy the highest level of food service during your conference.

Up-market welcome

Red carpet, marble floors and contemporary artwork characterise the Mies Bouwman Foyer. Your guests will undoubtedly feel very welcome when they enter the Beatrix Theatre.

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Capacity 1.5-metre distance

Our meeting rooms, conference venues and events halls can also be used whilst maintaining a 1.5-metre distance.

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The Mies Bouwman Foyer is a foyer in the Beatrix Theatre.

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