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New Royal Jaarbeurs head chef serving contemporary green cuisine

Peter Scholte brings sustainable vision to Utrecht event venue and organiser

Utrecht, 11 April 2023 – Peter Scholte started his new role as head chef of Royal Jaarbeurs on 1 March. He brings with him a wealth of expertise from previous positions at the likes of the prestigious Le Garage and Duchess restaurants in Amsterdam, the renowned Spanish restaurant El Bulli and the Hotel Continental in Norway, where Scholte earned a Michelin Star. “We are pleased with the appointment of a new head chef of such calibre,” says Jeroen van Hooff, CEO of Jaarbeurs. “Peter’s green cuisine vision is seamlessly aligned to our ambition to make hospitality and catering even more sustainable. Although the Jaarbeurs food range has become primarily vegetarian over recent years, there are many steps we can take to further enhance sustainability. With Peter in charge of the kitchens I am confident we can achieve our ambitious goals.”


Changing world, changing kitchens

A large team in the kitchens is responsible for providing the entire catering assortment served at all Jaarbeurs restaurants and on location. As new head chef, Peter Scholte is convinced that the hospitality industry can have a major impact on society by making sustainable choices. “I am impressed by the significant measures Jaarbeurs has already taken to increase the eco-friendliness of its catering range, including its partnerships with Greendish, Too Good to Go and De Koekfabriek. With the world rightly demanding solutions, the emphasis has shifted from ‘wanting’ to change a kitchen to ‘having’ to do so.” 
In his role as concept and development chef for Albron, the largest independent catering company in the Netherlands, Scholte was jointly responsible for setting up The Green House, a circular catering concept located in Utrecht with a focus on ethical and sustainable cooking. “The knowledge I gained in this project will help me devise many ideas for cooking with sustainable, local and pure ingredients at Jaarbeurs. I’ve always believed that only the best is good enough for our guests, and will set to work with this approach in mind!” 

peter scholte

Passion for contemporary green cuisine

Scholte’s passion for fine food and drink started when he was just 16. Having built up many years of experience in the food industry, Scholte has made a clear choice for contemporary green cuisine. “If we don’t think of the environment now then there will be no future to consider. There are so many opportunities to cook with vegetables and herbs from self-owned urban farms or the local region. I am committed to returning to the ways of old when people enjoyed the food that was actually in season. This was and is a major part of Dutch cuisine and I am determined to make Jaarbeurs a frontrunner in working with pure Dutch products. The various events will serve as a source of inspiration: an exhibition for the construction industry will obviously feature entirely different types of dish than one focused on holidays.”

Taking guests on a culinary journey

Not that the new head chef will be exclusively serving Dutch cuisine. Scholte has extensive international knowledge, including working with British master chef Raymond Blanc and as a Michelin star chef at Hotel Continental in Norway. He also gained priceless experience working at El Bulli in the Spanish city of Rosas, and has spent time in kitchens dedicated to Hawaiian and Italian cooking.

“Taking guests on a voyage of discovery using the most spectacular dishes is what I love to do most,” he concludes. “I am relishing this opportunity to lead the Jaarbeurs team on a culinary journey. I am sure that our kitchen can become a pioneer in sustainability at all levels, from a trade show in the exhibition centre to a fancy dinner with dignitaries in one of the meeting rooms.

Jaarbeurs took home the UFI Sustainability Award in 2022 for its catering range and the innovative ways in which it has reduced food waste. UFI is the global association representing event locations and organisers. 

peter scholte

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