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Webinars & Whitepapers

In our 100+ years of experience in organising events, trade fairs and conferences, we've built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, which we're happy to share owith you through live and interactive webinars and whitepapers where we share our experiences, answer questions and discuss the latest trends. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Now that working from home has increasinly become the norm, online meetings, conferences and lectures cannot be left behind. Seminars are now often turned into webinars, so that you can still learn and listen to your favourite speakers.

We love to help you organise your events in any way possible, so that we can provide you with the latest information on organising meetings, conferences and events. In collaboration with Frankwatching, we're organising several interesting webinars with experts in the field and written different whitepapers about hot topics on organising meetings, conferences and events. Online or live, at 1,5 metre distance or without - we're here to help! 

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10 tips for organising an online event

(Dutch only) Online sessions are up and coming, and for good reason. As it is not always possible to meet physically, more and more people are opting for a live stream from a real studio as a substitute or extension. Online, yes, but more professional than the umpteenth Zoom or Teams meeting. The advantage of existing studios is that most aspects have already been thought out and fitted for this purpose.

What else do you need to consider when organising an online event? How do you ensure that your event makes as much impact online as it does offline? And what technical aspects do you need to consider? Read about it in our white paper.

Jaarbeurs Studios

How do I organise a successful conference whilst adhering to the 1.5m guidelines?

(Dutch only) Live meetings are valuable, now more than ever in this day and age. What is the added value of a live event compared to a digital event? How can you organise a safe event that complies with the guidelines? And what is the experience with 1.5 metre distance events?

Myrthe Dekker (Account and Event Manager at Jaarbeurs) and Joanne Bijleveld (presenter and expert in the field of organising 1.5-metre events) will present their vision. During this webinar you will receive tips and tricks on how to organise a successful event that adheres to the 1.5 metre guidelines. Myrthe and Joanne will share their experiences, explain the added value of a live event and share the do's & don'ts for organising a safe corona-proof event.

Need help with your live event that adheres to the 1.5 metres guidelines?

Jaarbeurs Webinars en Whitepapers - Hoe organiseer ik een succesvol congres binnen de 1,5 meter richtlijnen?

The do's & don'ts of meetings (live and digital)

(Dutch only) Are you already familiar with working from home? Research shows that in working remotely there is less trust and less willingness to share information. Turn a meeting into an inspiring moment again with these tips & tricks!

Eefje van der Hijden (Event manager at Jaarbeurs MeetUp) and Eeke Olijve (Meeting Coach at Team at Home) spoke about how you can optimise your (online) meetings. Watch the webinar to learn about balancing live and online conferencing, and listen to real-life examples and the do's & don'ts of conferencing.

Jaarbeurs Webinars en Whitepapers - De do’s & don’ts van vergaderen (live én digitaal)