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Dopper Water Tap


Fill your water bottle for free with a Dopper water tap

Jaarbeurs and Dopper are joining forces. Visitors can tap free and unlimited tap water from the two Dopper water taps. In late September, Dopper CEO Virginia Yanquilevich unveiled the Dopper Water Tap. She explained that convenience appears to be the main reason for people to buy a disposable bottle. Also, people find public water taps hard to find. Dopper's solution: a recognizable and innovative Dopper water tap designed specifically to help change behavior. The special water points are located in the hall of the Beatrix Building, close to the exit. This contributes to Jaarbeurs's ambition to reduce CO2 emissions with the ultimate goal of becoming CO2 neutral or even CO2 positive by 2030.

Online dashboard provides insight into saving plastic

To make refilling reusable bottles the norm and change people's behavior, Dopper spent two years developing a recognizably designed water tap. Through the specially designed drop-shaped LED screen, nudging is employed, a motivational technique in which positive rewards encourage behavioral change. Each tap moment gives the user direct insight into their own realized positive impact via the screen. By making refilling the water bottle a unique and fun experience, repetition is encouraged. The online dashboard shows exactly how much plastic has been saved. This helps Jaarbeurs both internally and externally to increase environmental awareness and thus make our sustainability policy even more concrete.