Cybersec Europe 2022

Cybersec Europe 2023


The increase and acceleration of digitisation brings new cyber threats to our world. Cybersec Europe aims to facilitate knowledge sharing on the subject of cyber security in Europe, enhance cyber resilience, fight cybercrime and boost innovation, so we can help with the cyber security challenges that face our world. We want to make Europe a safer, more open and secure cyber space. Therefore, on april 19th and 20th, 2023, Cybersec Europe will be hosted in Brussels Expo with a new theme 'Shield your core'.

Cyber Attacks are an ever growing threat in todays tech environment. Cybersec Europe is the platform for experienced cyber security experts as well as next-gen start-ups to share knowledge with peers for jointly coping with the cybersecurity challenges. Businesses and institutions of all sectors learn how to enhance cyber resilience and protect their core.

Location: Brussels Expo