Jaarbeurs launching partner of innovative Dopper Water Tap

Today, Royal Jaarbeurs will launch the innovative Dopper Water Tap. This is Dopper’s latest innovation in the fight against disposable plastic. Dopper, the innovative water bottle company fighting plastic pollution, asked Jaarbeurs to be its launching partner for this latest innovation. Marloes van den Berg, Chief Sustainability Officer at Royal Jaarbeurs: “We are extremely proud to be an official partner of Dopper. Their latest innovation is a perfect fit with our ambition to become Europe’s most sustainable event venue. With the Water Tap, we make it more fun and easier for all our guests to fill up their reusable water bottle. At the same time, we support Dopper in its mission to make refilling water bottles the new normal and combat plastic pollution.” Starting today, water taps can be found in the main lobby and on the third floor of the Beatrixgebouw. 


Collaboration between Dopper and Royal Jaarbeurs
At the end of September, Dopper-CEO Virginia Yanquilevich unveiled the Dopper Water Tap. “Convenience appears to be the main reason for people to buy water in disposable bottles. People also indicate that public water taps are hard to find. Our answer is to introduce an innovative water tap with a recognisable design, specifically aimed at helping people change their behaviour. We are pleased to be collaborating with Jaarbeurs to also encourage behavioural change within the convention and event industry. This is how we can collectively contribute to a better world,” Dopper-CEO Virginia Yanquilevich explains. Marloes van den Berg adds: “We are doing everything we can at Jaarbeurs to reduce our CO2 emissions, with the ultimate goal of becoming CO2 neutral or even CO2 positive by 2030. Together, we are making it easier and more fun to combat the purchase of disposable bottles and associated plastic pollution.”

Online dashboard gives insight into plastic savings
To make refilling reusable bottles the new normal and change people’s behaviour, Dopper spent two years working on an easily recognisable water tap design. The specially designed droplet-shaped LED screen uses nudging, a motivational technique in which positive rewards encourage behavioural change. Each tap moment gives the user instant insight into the positive impact they make on the screen. This makes refilling your water bottle a unique and fun experience which encourages people to make it a habit. Marloes van den Berg: “We love how the online dashboard shows us exactly how much plastic has been saved. This helps us raise environmental awareness, both within the company and with external contacts, and makes our sustainability policy even more concrete.” 

In addition to Jaarbeurs, taps can be found at Alfa Accountants, Auping, Blooming Hotel, de Bijenkorf, Circl (ABN AMRO), NHL Stenden and Onemeeting.com. An extra useful feature: all tap locations can be found on Google Maps!