Europe Arise

Europe Arise is a global gathering of believers from all cultures and nations of Europe. United Worship and Prayer will change Europe radically. Todd White, Ben Fitzgerald, Ps. Adeboye, Awakening Band, Mass Choir and many more will join us this time. The Conference will include Preachings, Outreaches, Teachings, Worship and Prayer. It is all about King Jesus and his European Bride. For this cause we arranged the Partnership between Heart for Europe and RCCG International, Afrika and Europe united.

Pressing into Revival
A great awakening is happening in Europe and the rest of the world. The greatest revival that the world has ever seen is around the corner. Europe Arise is speaking to the dry bones in the nations to raise up a vast army of worshipping prayer warriors that will usher in this final revival before the second coming of our King.

During this 3,5 day event, generals of the Faith are training this brand new army of the Lord for the great spiritual battle, an end-time rescue operation to bring in the lost and the captives.
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