Growing in a more sustainable world

Jaarbeurs believes in a world where we treat each other and our environment with respect. The impact on the planet is reduced by reusing raw materials, controlling and reducing waste and generating our own green energy. We walk, cycle and take the train. We are aware of our differences and we embrace them, without leaving anyone out. We believe in a world that is bigger than the space we provide. With the 2.3 million people we host each year, we can have a positive impact on our environment and the people we touch.

Jaarbeurs has an eye for society. In our work, we always strive for the perfect balance between people, the environment and society. We are socially committed, aware of our surroundings and the impact we have on the future. You can read how we put this into practice on this page. For all these efforts, we have been awarded the golden Green Key certificate for the tenth year in a row; the international quality mark for sustainable businesses in the recreation and leisure sector.

Our objective is clear: we want to be the most sustainable conference and event location in Europe' Marloes van den Berg, Chief Sustainability Officer

‘Our objective is clear: we want to be the most sustainable conference and event location in Europe' Marloes van den Berg, Chief Sustainability Officer

Ambitions and proofpoints

  • Our goal is zero waste. The waste that we do produce must be recycled fully. Zero waste starts at what you buy. We encourage exhibitors at our trade fairs to do the same; we offer system constructions instead of timber constructions. This already saves almost ten thousand trees per year.
  • We make it as easy as possible for our visitors to separate their waste properly. In order to recycle properly, waste streams must be as pure as possible.
  •  At events, we use special collection points for small bottles at which visitors can easily donate the bottle deposit to the Princess Máxima Centre. This does not only support the foundation, but a separate collection point also helps to separate the bottles.
  • We also pay attention to zero waste internally; for example, we organise zero waste workshops for our employees in which they investigate how they can help to achieve the zero waste objective in their department. 

The new Jaarbeurs

The new Jaarbeurs master plan looks towards a new future. For Jaarbeurs, for the city of Utrecht and for the inhabitants of Utrecht. This master plan is a starting point. Jaarbeurs intends to actively join into a dialogue with the city. The Jaarbeurs district will become a completely new and attractive area in which to live and work. Part of a larger, vibrant Utrecht city centre. Both Jaarbeurs and the city of Utrecht have great ambitions and want to be leaders in the field of sustainability and healthy urban living. Central to this are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The parking problem, for example, will be solved in an attractive and, where possible, invisible way. Logistic access routes will disappear from view and traffic will be redirected from the surrounding main roads. 

Nieuwe Jaarbeurs

Prinses Máxima Centre

Annually, about 600 children in the Netherlands get cancer. Still, one in four children with cancer dies from the disease. All highly complex care and research of paediatric oncology is concentrated in the Princess Máxima Centre. The centre’s mission is to cure every child of cancer whilst granting them an optimal quality of life. A close collaboration between care and research will lead to more cures for children with cancer. With fewer adverse effects later in life. Jaarbeurs supports this mission of the do-gooders from Utrecht with everything we have. Would  

Afbeelding PMC