Nieuwe jaarbeurs

Nieuwe Jaarbeurs

The new Jaarbeurs master plan offers a new future. For Jaarbeurs, for the city of Utrecht and for the residents of Utrecht. This master plan is a starting point. Jaarbeurs intends to actively engage in a dialogue with the city. The Jaarbeurs district will be a complete new and attractive area to live and work. Part of a larger, vibrant Utrecht city centre. 

Both Jaarbeurs and the city of Utrecht have great ambitions and want to be leaders in the field of sustainability and healthy urban living. The plan is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. This means attractive and mostly invisible parking solutions, keeping logistic approach routes out of sight and improving accessibility from the main roads.
By making smart use of our space and resources, we can organize more events and trade shows in a more compact Jaarbeurs complex.

Sustainable Development Goals

From 2023-2024 onwards, in collaboration with the Municipality of Utrecht, we are redeveloping the area around Jaarbeurs. As with everything we do, we always keep the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in mind. The development of the new venue primarily focuses on the goals of “Sustainable Cities and Communities” and “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”. That’s where we as Jaarbeurs can play a significant role. We want to create an open, friendly environment, where people feel welcome and at ease.

The green heart of the Beurskwartier

The Beurskwartier around our complex will be an attractive area to live and work. On the Merwede side, there will be a lively quay with restaurants and sunny terraces, and the public space will be landscaped with lots of greenery and plenty of room for cyclists and pedestrians. It will be a place where people want to be – during events, but also at other times.

The roof garden: the calling card of the new Jaarbeurs

In our master plan for the new Jaarbeurs, we laid out a park on the roof of the Jaarbeurs complex. This green roof garden will really be a calling card for Jaarbeurs and the Jaarbeurs District. It will also be used as an additional venue during events. One of our plans is to grow some of our own vegetables and herbs for our restaurants there in the future.

Meer weten?

Would you like to know more about our plans? Go to the website of the new Jaarbeurs.