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SCALA: new venue concept

Organise your safe 1.5-metre distanced business event, conference or cultural performance at SCALA.


Organise your event in SCALA

Inspired by La Scala theatre, in conjunction with IINIIFraai ProjectenCoreworks and Mertens AVR, we have developed a unique venue concept. Vertical seating brings the experience closer by. At a safe level from your own box. Everyone therefore gets the best seats, so that everything receives the undivided attention it deserves.

SCALA comprises three storeys with 129 boxes, separate staircases and walkways. This enables us to create an intimate setting, where guests are seated above, below and next to one another, yet can also remain close to the stage.

Opportunities in SCALA

SCALA is the perfect setting for company events, conferences and cultural performances. Everyone sits close to the stage, so that everything shown and presented makes an impact. We will provide a good basic setup and customisation with the partner team is possible.

In the Event & Exhibition Centre you'll find a temporary customised structure for all your live gatherings. A maximum of 650 people can gather together at the corona-proof SCALA venue (if groups of people are from one household, this can hold a maximum of 1,050 people).


Jouw event gaat altijd door

Wat houdt het nieuwe normaal in voor jouw event? Wij staan niet stil. SCALA denkt constant in mogelijkheden en deze zijn eindeloos. Optimalisatie van jouw event staat bij ons voorop.

Is jouw organisatie toe aan een bijenkomst, congres of webinar? Dit kan in SCALA op alle gewenste manier; live, hybride of volledig online. Wij hebben alles in huis om jouw event naar een hoger niveau te tillen.

Hierin blijft de keuze wat fijn voelt het meest vrijblijvend. We ontzorgen, bieden kansen en geven ruimte om toch te blijven bereiken, innoveren en verbinden.

Live, hybride en online. Jouw event kan altijd doorgaan, met de beleving dichtbij de bezoekers.

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Key Accountmanager Jannemarije
Are you interested in SCALA for your event? Please contact me. I would be happy to tell you more about all the cool possibilities!

Shows at SCALA Theatre

The SCALA Theatre ticket sales are live! We have opened our doors festively on Friday 25 September with the shows of André Hazes. But also Boef, HAEVN, Nick & Simon, Waylon, Glennis Grace and OG3NE will give spectacular performances in the coming months. Of course there are also fun children's shows, such as Buurman & Buurman and Mylene and Rosanne! Buy your tickets via

De Afstandhouder

When you meet one another, you don’t want contact with others to be restricted; you want freedom of movement and you want to be able to choose who you connect with and where you go to. If you invite associates or employees to come together, you want to be able to guarantee safety and the 1.5-metre distancing rule. Based on these needs, a unique product has been developed which means that both before and after the Scala programme, you can gather safely at a 1.5-metre distance. For simpler, more enjoyable and safer networking.

  • 100% corona-proof
  • Own branding options
  • 300 Spacers