Health-RI Geared up to Accelerate

5 oktober 2021

Health-RI is gearing up to quickly take the necessary steps towards a national health data infrastructure

Media Plaza
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Funding from the National Growth Fund powers Health-RI to accelerate the work on a national health data infrastructure. Health-RI is now preparing to quickly take the necessary steps forward.

We will festively kick off with all parties involved at Jaarbeurs Media Plaza in Utrecht on October 5th . Presentations from i.a. Marcel Levi (NWO), Constantijn van Oranje (Techleap), Mona Keijzer (EZK). The launch of a new initiative, "Uw gegevens redden levens" & COVID data program, that will showcase the added value of a health data infrastructure.

The general program ends at 14:00 o'clock. In the afternoon, Health-RI is hosting workshops for invitees only to formulate the concrete next steps that need to be taken.