Royal Jaarbeurs | VNU Group announces good results in 2019

Jaarverslag Jaarbeurs 2019

Royal Jaarbeurs | VNU Group announces good results in 2019

2019 was a good year for Jaarbeurs. As in previous years, Jaarbeurs strongly improved its results. Close collaboration with customers and other key stakeholders and hard work by Jaarbeurs employees have resulted in revenue growing 13% to €141 million (2018: €124 milion) and net profit reaching €12.4 million (2018: €7.6 million).

Strengthened strategy

The ‘house in order’ strategy launched in 2016 has helped Jaarbeurs build a strong financial position and accumulate adequate buffer capital. In 2019 Jaarbeurs has strengthened her strategy for the coming years. In addition to the customer focus, the organization will focus on (technological) innovation, data-driven solutions and sustainability.

In December 2019 the masterplan of the new Jaarbeurs has been presented.

Coronavirus and the future of Jaarbeurs

That this crisis will have a negative impact on Jaarbeurs’ revenue growth over the coming years is a given. The Corona-crisis will probably have some impact in 2021 as well. “Despite that, we are seeing the power of personal meetings come to the fore in this difficult period. That gives us confidence for the long term. In fact, I expect the use of technology and digital resources to create new opportunities for us,” says Albert Arp, CEO, Jaarbeurs Holding.

2019 annual report