Corporate social responsibility

Jaarbeurs is mindful of society
Sustainability plays a major role at Jaarbeurs. Our ambition is to be a leader and to stand out in this respect. In our work, we endeavour to always find a perfect balance between humans, the environment and society. We have a commitment to society, we are aware of our environment and the impact that we have on the future.

Solar panels
With almost 1,400 solar panels on the roof of the Beatrix building, we can proudly say that we have one of the largest solar roofs in the province of Utrecht.


JINC helps young people to get a good start in the labour market. We help them to become acquainted with a range of professions, to learn (social) skills and we facilitate workshops about entrepreneurship. We offer these young people a glimpse of the workplace by offering short placements in companies. We also provide interview training.

Since 2008 we have had a special connection with the city of Léon in Nicaragua. Along with the municipality of Utrecht, we are helping to develop a trade fair complex in the city. We are assisting businesses in Léon to establish a trade fair park, we provide advice and we encourage and provide financial support in terms of the purchase of the land.

Thermal storage system
We have installed a Thermal Storage System and use the energy that we store in the ground to heat the building during the winter, or to cool the building in the summer.

Stichting Jong Ondernemen (Young Entrepreneurs Foundation)
As a partner of Jong Ondernemen, we help young people to learn about, and improve, their entrepreneurial skills and to develop their talents. Stichting Jong Ondernemen helps to ensure that education is properly in line with society and industry: everyone is the entrepreneur of their own future.

Reduce waste
Our goal is to produce no more waste in 2020, by totally separating waste and ensuring that raw materials form the basis for new products. At Jaarbeurs there are, for example, waste containers that allow paper, plastic and residual waste to be separated, and we also use recyclable paper.


Green Key certificate
For the fifth year in succession, we have been awarded the golden Green Key certificate - the international quality mark for sustainable businesses in the recreation and leisure industry. 

Green key

But there’s more...
And that’s definitely not everything. For example, all of our 52,000 light points are energy efficient, we have water-saving toilets and taps, we have transitioned fully to green power and our car parks have charging points for electric cars.

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