7,000 m2 surface area; a 13% growth of the net surface area compared to 2018.


From the Beursgebouw in Eindhoven to Jaarbeurs in Utrecht: Spellenspektakel, the largest board game show in the Netherlands, is held there for the first time in 2019. Organiser Frank Bunnik: “We expect to be able to grow significantly as a result of our collaboration with Jaarbeurs.”

Why did you choose Jaarbeurs for the first time for this year's event?

“We had to find a new location for Spellenspektakel, because we had outgrown the venue we used in past years - the Beursgebouw in Eindhoven - and it is closing its doors in any case. In a short period of time, our number of visitors has tripled. That meant we had to explore other options. Location, accessibility, square meterage, the excellent impression we had after our first exploratory meetings; our future lies in Utrecht and with Jaarbeurs,” says organiser Frank Bunnik.

The Spellenspektakel sounds spectacular. What can visitors expect?

“During the two-day Spellenspektakel, visitors can take a seat at one of the more than one hundred gaming tables where the latest board games are being presented. The games are explained by experienced demonstrators. It is the perfect way to discover what you like. When you're done, you simply move over to the next table. There are plenty to choose from. All large and small board game producers - more than fifty in total - are there. These range from Koninklijke Jumbo and 999 Games, developers of e.g. Catan, to SmartGames, publisher of educational children's games.

 Of course, visitors can buy new and second-hand board games in one of several stores at the event.”

“In our digital age, playing a board game with family or friends at home or in a bar is actually very popular.“

Who are the visitors of the Spellenspektakel?

“Our event's largest target group consists of families and grandparents. Jaarbeurs has extensive experience with this group. For event, every target group requires a different approach. Another important factor for us is that we want our venue to be easily accessible by car and public transport. You know what the best thing is? Utrecht itself is a board game city. On the Oudegracht, you'll find four board game stores located very close together.”

How do you envision the Spellenspektakel's growth?

“In our digital age, playing a board game with family or friends at home or in a bar is actually very popular. Many of our visitors are families. Children tend to lose interest in board games during their teenage years, but they often come back as students. Board games are a popular pastime in many student accommodations.”

How do you feel about the collaboration with Jaarbeurs?

“This year, we are using circa 7,000 square metres for Spellenspektakel, but we already know that a lot more is possible beyond that. With its extensive experience, Jaarbeurs is an invaluable sparring partner when it comes to things like our event's design and the logistics. We also received support with our communication. That allowed us to set up an ad campaign in bus stops, which we would never have been able to pull off otherwise.”

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