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Sustainable meetings

Sustainable meetings

Jaarbeurs takes corporate social responsibility very seriously. We always work hard to create the right environment for every fair, event, conference or meeting. Therefore, sustainable entrepreneurship is a logical part of our activities; a basic condition for successful and responsible entrepreneurship.
Green Key
Green Key is the international quality mark for the tourism and retail industry. This quality mark proves that the participants do everything in their power to minimise the undertaking’s pressure on nature and the environment. Jaarbeurs has been earning gold in the field of this quality mark for 5 years in a row. This proves that our company is serious about environmental care and that our efforts are verifiable. The golden certificate indicates that the Jaarbeurs does more than is expected of it pursuant to laws and regulations.
Charging points for electric cars
Jaarbeurs offers facilities for charging your electric car as well. There are two charging points on the Jaarbeurs grounds, on car parks P1 and P4. We have installed these charging poles in collaboration with the ENECO electricity company. In this way, we stimulate the use of sustainable vehicles and offer an extra service to our visitors. Jaarbeurs was the first event location in the Netherlands to offer this.
Sustainable energy
The Jaarbeurs runs on 100% green energy. We bear the additional cost of this ourselves. The CO2 emissions of our gas use are compensated.
Sustainable roofs
The roofing of the Jaarbeurs halls is state of the art. In collaboration with TNO, we have applied NOX coating and pellets to the roof, among other things. This speeds up the breakdown of CO2 and particulate matter. It is something that the Jaarbeurs intends to expand on. In addition, we are looking into the possibility of generating solar energy on the roofs.