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This is the story of Jaarbeurs

Let's go back to the beginning. Where Jaarbeurs once started. The company was founded in 1916, to support and stimulate trade and industry and improve prosperity. Now, almost 100 years on, this ideal still forms the basis of Jaarbeurs. Every day, we strive to achieve this goal.

We want to inspire, motivate and activate trade partners by enabling valuable meetings. Doing this, we bring people and markets, traders and producers together. That is where our strengths lie. We are much more than an exhibition complex, a location or a space.

We bring people together and help them get into contact with you. With your ideas, your knowledge and your products or services. All we do is about you. We are giving you the stage. We focus all our attention on you. You are in the spotlight.

We devote ourselves to you and your branch. We build relationships and form partnerships. We listen to your needs and requirements. We show you where your chances are and point out unknown opportunities. We are here for you. Always.

We can inspire you to find new insights. We can stimulate you. We can energize you.

This way, we contribute positively to your growth and the development of the Dutch economy as a whole. We make sure you are seen and your business gets moving.

Jaarbeurs. Gets business moving.